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Congratulations to all class winners at the Go Fast Bike Parts sponsored Super Streetbike Shootout from the ECTA event September 28-29.  Each of the class winners received a $100.00 gift certificate to GoFastBikeParts.


650cc Class: no power adder - Greg Neal - 180.360 mph

750cc Class: no power adder – Greg Keinath – 172.150 mph
1000cc Class: no power adder - Juan Bettencourt - 197.976 mph
1000cc Class: one power adder (nitrous or turbo) – Don Hass - 243.111 mph  
Top Speed of the meet and new motorcycle track record!
Unlimited Class: no power adder – Ryan Ostergard – 210.970 mph
Unlimited: nitrous Class: no capacity limit – Ransom Holbrook – 238.600 mph
Unlimited: turbo Class: no capacity limit - No competitors
Twin Cylinder Class: anything goes – Bert Baker – 165.441 mph


Go Fast Bike Parts is excited and proud to announce sponsorship of the East Coast Timing Association (ECTA) Super Streetbike Shootout.  The shootout takes place September 28-29 2013 in Wilmington Ohio where the ECTA transforms an active airport into one of the fastest standing mile race tracks on the planet.  Go Fast Bike Parts is rewarding the fastest of each of the eight classes a $100.00 gift certificate for purchases from the website.  The shootout is in addition to the regular car and motorcycle racing that occurs at a ECTA event.

To participate in the Super Streetbike Shootout the motorcycle must be street legal (headlight/tail light) with current registration and must be ridden by the person named on the registration.  With that handled, you must meet the requirements of one of these specific classes.


More information is available at


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