As the racing season winds down we wind up!

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With just one event left on most racing organizations schedules we start looking towards the 2014 race season. Questions flow, "What will we do different?", "Will we change classes?", "Build bigger or go nitrous or turbo?" and the ground work for goals and aspirations for next season begin to form.

We are asking ourselves the same questions and I have the answer for an important one.  "What are our goals for next race season?"  While it may seem a bit soon for a New Year's resolution the preparation for next years race season begins at the conclusion of this seasons final event.  

Go Fast Bike Parts will continue development of the web site to offer those elusive parts that you have seen and have always wondered where to buy, replacement parts and hardware for your turbo kit or a missing ARP stud nut all at just a click away.  You will notice that the site has been filling with an offering of parts mostly under $5.  Could we could post the Wossner Pistons and rods, MTC Clutches or Worldwide Bearings parts that I have in stock?  Sure, though our focus is to first showcase the 50 cent part that ended your race weekend and should be a spare in your toolbox. 

Heads Up Performance has spent the past 15 years building our own turbo systems, engines and race bikes for customers from around the world and have a certain way we like to do things.  I laugh at the terms used to describe the attention to detail we put into our work at Heads Up HQ, such as "Heads Up'ed", Flipperized" and "Horner'ed"  

While some enjoy relaxing watching sports I enjoy looking for a part, hardware or device to make a task easier, our products safer, look great and perform even better.  It is this knowledge of parts that work well, look great and have been tested in some of the harshest racing conditions from the Salt Flats to the Baja Desert that I want to share.  

The HAAS CNC mill has been busy in the back of the shop whittling out some cool stuff.  We plan to introduce the new racing parts we are building when we have beat the hell out of them and have determined they are up to our high standards.  Years ago I was being teased that products we developed would take a long time to become available. Without thought I blurted "I will bear the burden wearing the scent of cedar chips, my customers are not Guinea Pigs" somewhat silly, yet it will always hold true.

Go Fast Bike Parts is on its way to fill the void that I as a builder have experienced in the hardcore motorcycle performance market.  Go Fast Bike Parts will soon be your "One stop to go fast" providing what you need at affordable prices and will ship the same day!

We look forward to fulfilling your performance and maintenance needs, if you don't see something you need call or email with your questions.  Have a safe and successful ending to your race season.   Scott


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