Fueled by his passion of motorcycles Scott Horner opened Heads Up Performance in Las Vegas Nevada during 1996. Since its inception, Heads Up Performance has become synonymous with detail driven service and performance in the eyes of clients and enthusiasts worldwide.  
Scott has over 20 years of experience producing stout, reliable powerplants not only for Street, Drag, Road Race and Land Speed motorcycles but also for vehicles that utilize the big Japanese in-line four motorcycle engines- Sandrails, Mini Sprints, Dwarf and Legends Cars.
They have distinguished themselves by manufacturing, installing and tuning turbo systems on late model fuel injected motorcycles and motorcycle powered Sandrails.  
Bikes built by Heads Up comprise more than ten percent of all the motorcycles to ever earn inclusion into the prestigious Bonneville 200 MPH Club!  There are several other riders that proudly wear a Bonneville 2 Club "Red Hat" that have credited Scott and Heads Up for contributing to their success.  
Go Fast Bike Parts is the parts division of Heads Up Performance.  Through the years many unique parts have been sourced or manufactured by or for the projects in the shop.  This huge collection of proven parts as well as common performance parts are available all in one location.  Go Fast Bike Parts, your one stop to go fast!