Welcome to our "Work in Progress"

We launched this site a bit early due to our involvement with the ECTA September LSR event.  We have over 300 products lined up and are being added to the site daily.  If you don't see it, send Scott an email!  Unless noted, every item listed is in stock ready to ship SAME DAY!

Go Fast Bike Parts is the parts division of Scott Horner's Heads Up Performance.  It is an e-commerce website unlike any other that supplies motorcycle racers and enthusiasts with performance and maintenance products not commonly found at very affordable prices.  The addition of in-house CNC machining increases the availability of helpful and performance products that Scott has and continues to design and develop.  The site will focus upon items that racers so often spend valuable time searching for to repair, upgrade and customize their motorcycles.  From OEM electrical connectors, a missing bolt from a turbo to a complete 600+ HP race turbo kit Go Fast Bike Parts has you covered!