Hayabusa Oil Pan Baffle / Hayabusa Windage Tray

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Keep the oil in the pan to eliminate oil starvation with this custom piece designed by us here at Heads Up!   We've developed an oil baffle for your drag bike, land speed bike, 'Busa powered sand car, or your street machine that eliminates oil starvation from oil sloshing under G loads. Made from stainless steel it fits all Hayabusa's from 99-12 with stock or aftermarket billet oil pans with swinging pick ups and is supplied with everything needed to drop in!  

*Note- It does not fit grudge pans or those under 1" with swinging pick ups and currently the clutch baffle properly fits only the 99-07 engine.  With slight modification it will bolt to the the Gen II gear position sensor.      

The plate mounted behind the clutch assembly keeps the windage from the spinning clutch basket from drawing oil into the clutch cavity. Sandrail owners will benefit HUGE from the plate when you are on the side of a dune your clutch cavity won't fill with the contents of your oil pan thus starving your oil sump and causing lubrication issues throughout your engine. In the last two photos you can also see where the baffle extends into the floor of the clutch area.
Our pan DOES NOT use the oil sump to secure it to the engine.  I have seen two and heard of other situations where the applied sealant (as directed in the product installation) of the sump to the baffle/windage tray has deteriorated and began to "suck air" and an oil failure followed.
We have had tremendous success with these baffles on our race bikes, streetbikes and customer sandrails and have them ready to ship today.

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