Sealed ATM Fuse Box

  • 1950

This is one of the coolest tings we have used in the past year.  The sealed design of this fuse box eliminates many of the electrical issues we run into with OEM unsealed fuse boxes.  It holds four (4) ATM fuses or a variety of other options.  

The well constructed fuse box uses Metri-pack 280 terminals and standard GM wire seals. A great feature of this fuse holder is the availability of circut breakers to replace the ATM fuses.  Even cooler is the 20amp relay that also fits perfectly inside the sealed cover.  The tall cover option is needed for the circut breakers and 20amp relay.

The standard Sealed ATM Fuse Box kit includes the following-

  • Fuse holder
  • Clear cap
  • 9x Female Metri-Pack 280 female terminals
  • 8x Wire Seals
  • Two hole flush mounting bracket

Available with a few options-

  • Flat two bolt mount
  • 90 degree mount
  • Tall cover for use with circut breakers and 20amp relays


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