Suzuki Fuel Tank Drain Kit

  • 975

No more struggles to properly drain fuel from your in tank fuel pump equipped Suzuki's.  We have made a harness adapter to simplify this task.  To determine the adapter you need just determine the fuel pump connector your bike has. It will be either a three wire triangular plug or a four wire rectangle plug.  

We offer a drain hose with the OEM Suzuki quick connect fitting for the fuel tank outlet as well.  Both the fuel pump electrical harness adapter and drain hose length were made to reach the shop floor so you can easily fill a small fuel jug and use a spare battery sitting on the floor.   

The electrical adapter is made from aerospace mil-spec wire covered in a protective sheathing for years of use in the shop. Speaking of shops, if you have multiple bikes or work on a variety of them we offer optional adapters from the three wire to the four wire plug and vice-versa  so you can handle whatever gets thrown at you.

FYI- Later model Suzuki GSX-R's and the Gen II Hayabusa have the 3 wire triangular plug.

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