Suzuki Hayabusa offset sprocket 19 tooth 530 Sprocket 30mm HD Shaft 1/4" offset

  • 5495

With our success of our 20 tooth sprockets we were approached to supply a leading LSR team with 1/4" off set sprockets for the larger 240mm rear tires.  The off set may be needed for a varity of reasons and we have them for you!

Made by a industry leading sprocket manufacturer with quality hardened steel these have a very long life span!  The sprocket is supplied as pictured with spacer and fits OEM sprocket covers and Robinson Bearing Support Kits.

 **This sprocket does not fit the original Hayabusa Gen 1 or Gen II output shafts**

 ** It is only for the Robinson or TTS 30mm billet output shafts**

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