Tial Wastegate Hardware Kits

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Our kits contain a complete set of high quality stainless steel fasteners for the Tial Wastegates listed below.

As a bonus, we include two longer bolts to assist getting the wastegate cap back on after a spring change. Simply use the two longer stainless bolts 180 degrees from each other to pull the cap down onto the wastegate body far enough to install the four standard bolts.  Before final tightening remove the long bolts and replace with the standard bolts.  It makes the task of changing springs much easier!  

Please verify your Tial Wastegate by the photo, the smaller one on the right is the new MVS Wastegate. Each kit contains the following-

MVS Photo three- 38mm and 46mm Wastegates 

6) Stainless steel Wastegate Cap bolts

2) *Bonus* Stainless steel Wastegate Cap "starter" bolts

2) Stainless steel V-band Clamp bolts


Old Style Photo two- 38mm, 40mm, 46mm Wastegates

6) Stainless steel Wastegate Cap bolts

2) *Bonus* Stainless steel Wastegate Cap "starter" bolts

4) Stainless steel mounting and dump flange bolts

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